Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Speak English James!

Outside a Newtown bookstore. Anyone whos ever tried to read Ulysses, Finnegans Wake, or anything by James Joyce will appreciate this sign.


  1. Hahahahaha!! I love it, Adventures. Nice find! {Nope, I've never read JJ either.}

  2. I tried once - but I bruised my brain. (had nightmares in garbled speak for ages...) ;)

  3. Hilarious!.. I read Ulysses and it took me some time to digest it...

  4. Hello French Sydneysider and welcome to my blog.
    Re Ulysses, you've done better than me. I gave up after the first 5 pages I think.

  5. Thanks! I quite the concept of using a mobile phone to take the shots.. My friend Fiona does the same in Canberra

  6. Thanks for the link. I will check out her blog.


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