Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day shopping

I don't normally go for the traditional shrimp throwing on barbie and drink yourself stupid fun and games on Australia Day. It gets a little old after a while. I prefer to shop. And so we did. Some pretty scarfs for the Winter months ahead and some fun kitchen utensils for the gourmet meals I'm going to make. Well that's the plan.
We went to the newly refurbished Birkenhead Point outlet mall. You may remember me mentioning it here. It looks fantastic and the view over the water at the end is fabulous.
Yes I do realise it's looking a tad empty but being a public holiday not all the shops were open. All the more for me I say.
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  1. That is empty ~ but nice to avoid the madding crowds and not have to beat people away from your scarf and utensils of choice.


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