Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ahh l'amour

This little doodle I did about a year ago. I saw an ad in a magazine and though I don't remember the product being advertised, the picture stuck with me. Looking for a picture for today's post I thought this one rather appropriate.

In a few days time it will be Valentines Day. The day of love. It's also a month of birthdays. I have a sibling, a spouse, a friend, and numerous acquaintances, and one friend of my daughters (that I know of - I go by the birthday party invitations she brings home) growing older this month. Hence my 'presents to get and restaurants to book' list is rather long every Feb.
I got to thinking yesterday that with all these happy occasions happening this month it really must be the month of love. St Valentine was on to something. But further musings made me wonder - what if it isn't February? With all these babies being born this month maybe May is the real month of love?


  1. Very sweet and appropriate for this time of romance ~ I especially like the little puppy dog! You do have a busy month, Debs. And May in our climate is getting into snuggly weather, so that, combined with your excellent mathematics, leads me to think you are definitely onto something!

  2. Thank you Sherree. My logic does work in bizarre and wonderous ways sometimes. And you're right about May. Funnily enough that happens to be my birthday month, hmmmm.....


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