Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pass the water, no, hanky, no, water.........

I am posting a photo of red impatiens because that's how I feel - cranky and impatient. I caught a virus of epic proportions late last year and it came back to haunt me last Saturday. To say I'm not delighted is an understatement. I can cope with the 24 hours of aches and pains which included my hair, and even the nausea and dizziness stage that follows. But I'm damned fed up with the coughing fits. One minute it's a productive phlegm yuck cough, the next a tickly irritating cough. I don't even know which cough medicine to take! I carry a bottle of water around with me at all times because you never know when the blighter is going to strike. And what kind of attack will it be? Will I need to down the bottle of water at the same time as gasping for breath, or will I be bolting for the bathroom sink or desperately diving into my pocket for a hanky? Who could have guessed that illness had so many options? And of the 3 stages (achy, queasiness or hacking) guess which one lasts the longest? You guessed it. I estimate I'll be downing water and diving for hankies for at least another week yet.


  1. Oh, damn!! On a bright note, those impatiens are quite stunning ~ are they doubles? Very pretty. But that's rotten about your cough. I hope it calms down soon.

  2. To be honest I'm not sure. I just stuck them in my pot ages ago and they've flourished ever since. I'm very good at pot'o'luck gardening.

    I hope my cough settles down soon too. I've had quite enough.


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