Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Musings. Oh give me a home......actually don't bother.

A couple of years ago we had major bathroom plumbing issues - which reoccured around last Christmas - and again this week.  To cut an extremely long story short we now have a whopping great hole cut into our loungeroom wall that backs directly onto the shower, and another hole cut into the ceiling downstairs in the room directly below the bathroom.  This is to allow the problem to dry out before repairs can be done.  Drying time estimated to about 2 weeks.  Add to that a malfunctioning dishwasher that shorted the power to the entire house, and a car that didn't start. 
That has been my week.
Oddly enough I didn't find any of these to be a major problem (aside from the mess that is now our lounge).  We have a guest bathroom - so we remain inoffensive to the outside world.
I can still was dishes in the sink (and I discovered that if I did a bad enough job of it hubby would get disgusted and show me how to do it properly by doing it himself).
And as soon as the NRMA man came out to find out what the problem was with my car, the blighter decided to start and make me look like a twit.  But at least it's working again.
However in amongst all this activity I did wonder for a few seconds, "why in Gods name did I ever think it was a good idea to give up my lovely little rented apartment and buy an house?!"

Lead pencil drawing I did some time ago.  I was trying to teach myself perspective from a book.


  1. I see that you not only taught yourself drawing perspective from a book, but you have a very positive perpective in general! Say, isn't that trick of doing a domestic job badly so the significant other will insist on doing it usually something the male of the species does? I like seeing equal opportunity in effect at your place, Debs. :)

  2. Where do you think I learnt it ;)


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