Friday, May 28, 2010

So long Candy's

Today I got the sad news from one of my work collegues that Candy's was closing down today.  Candy's is one of my favourite cafes in Manly.  It has (or rather had because at the time of writing the doors will be closing for the last time) a wonderful comfy boho atmosphere.  Works from local artists donned the walls.  Bookshelves filled with an ecclectic range of books and games were placed throughout.  Mismatched tables and chairs with cushion.  Long bench seats along one side (the side where I took this photo from) were scattered with squashy comfortable cushions.  Sometimes when walking past you'd hear a local musician entertaining the patrons.  Food was vegetarian but far from boring.  I am rather a nostalgic person but am also a creature of habit.  My habit being returning straight home from work (do not pass go) and tidying up before the hoards (well ok 2 people but they can make the mess of thousands) get home.  Today I broke habit and went to Candy's for one last nostalgic coffee.  And to take a photo.  The new owners will be pulling the place apart tonight for a "modern new cafe" and I'm sure it will be nice.  But I will miss Candy's and it's books, music, art, soups and hot chocolate on cold Winter afternoons.


  1. Oh, that's sad, Debs! I've had a few cafes I've loved close over the years, and I know change is necessary, but it's a bummer sometimes. I'm glad you found out in time to drop in for one last visit to remember it by. Stay warm!!

  2. Thanks Sherree. It's now a mexican cafe. So I guess it's still colourful.


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