Thursday, May 6, 2010

Well doesn't time just fly when you're distracted by the trials of life!  Here am I thinking I haven't posted anything for week or two and lo and behold I find it's been a month!
I haven't sorted through my latest photos yet so I'll post a photo I took previously of my favourite characters  at one of my favourite haunts.  The meerkats at Taronga Park Zoo.  I love the zoo.  We are zoofriends which means for a yearly membership fee we can go as often as we like, get discounts on parking etc.  Sometimes we just go for picnic lunch or a short walk around if there's nothing else to do.  And we don't have to queue to get in.  Brilliant.


  1. Oh, what a sweet moment you've captured, Debs!! I watched a little of Meerkat Manor once but was so worried something would happen to one of them, I had to stop. These cuties would be safe and secure in their home. A picnic at the zoo sounds lovely.

  2. Thank you. These two do look rather comfy and well fed I must say.


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