Saturday, June 26, 2010

Manly Council Circus.

This is the Manly Council chambers.  I've shown this photo before, but I wanted to post it again for a very good reason.  This is the council which will, from July 1st, increase the parking in the council car parks by more than doubleAt the moment I pay $40 per week to park my car.  Some say that's expensive enough already.   But from the 1 July I will have to pay $90 per week.  This is all the idea of the General Manger Henry Wong.  A man whom many say has lost touch with reality.  His excuse is that the Manly Chamber of Commerce wants increased short term parking in the Manly area.  However the Chamber of Commerce said in todays paper that while it did want more short term parking to encourage more visitors and shoppers to the area, it was looking at actually decreasing some of the fees - not increasing them.  It will be interesting see what happens when people finally lose patience with this council and Mr Wong in particular.

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