Thursday, December 23, 2010

Countdown to Christmas - must check my checklist!

Well last day at work yesterday so I'm officially on holidays.

Finished Christmas shopping last night - check!
Tree and decorations up - check! (well they've actually been up since Dec 1)
Wrap presents - half check!

So today I need to:
Tidy house for dinner guests tonight
Wash clothes we need to take on holidays
Get hair done
Take my blouse to dry cleaners
Finish wrapping presents
Shop for tonight's dinner
Put champagne on ice

I guess I need to fortify myself with extra strong coffee today.
(Photos above taken by my beautiful sister-in-law who lives in Zurich and is having a white christmas - I'm a tad envious)


  1. I'm glad I read til the bottom of this entry to see that the pic is from Zurich, not Oz :-) It looks very much like Flensburg does this year.

    Shame about all that rain & flooding - hope there was no damage to the property & personal belongings.

  2. No damage. My family are all fine. Just the inconvience of having roads cut due to floodwaters. They are counting their blessings.
    Yes the view from my place is very different from my sister in law's but I felt her view was more "christmassy" (not that she has a mountain in her back yard mind you)


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