Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Oprah mania sweeps nation!

Seems every time I pick up a paper or switch on the telly lately I see Oprah Winfrey and her tour Down Under.  And I love it.  I've read and heard lots of different opinions, good and bad,  on the topic and here's mine.
The woman is one of the weathiest in the world and she could have picked anywhere on this planet to take her audience on holiday.  Yet she picked Australia.  Doesn't that make the complainers out there feel the teensiest bit proud?  Apparently not.  I've heard whingers saying that tax payers are footing the bill.  Maybe we are - but didn't we shell out a hell of a lot more money recently on the failed World Cup bid?  And think of what she's doing for our tourism!  Not one negative word about this country has come out of her mouth.  All her audience she brought out are ecstatic at being here.  This would be the first trip for many of them.  I hope we continue to make them feel welcome and at home here.
Personally, if I'm lucky enough to come across one of the travellers on my way about during the day, I will say "Welcome to my country, I hope you really enjoy your stay here".


  1. Hi Debs
    decided to pop by to have a look "through your window" and read your entry about Oprah in Sydney. I think you are right, she is probably doing great stuff for the Australian economy and I guess some people are just too jealous to think "that is nice she did that" or "she has created an amazing career / empire / wealth through her career - good for her" but no.
    She visited Denmark in December last year for the CUP 15 Climate Conference in Copenhagen and visited a "normal" family. Turned out they lived minimalistically with teeny weeny bedrooms for the kids. Not everyone lives like that but clearly, some do. Someone somewhere is going to feel put out whatever you do.

    Anyway just my two cents worth :-)

    Have a great Christmas

  2. Hi Mummy thanks for dropping by. She visited a "normal" family here too and had a BBQ with them. Apparently all the beer companies were waiting with baited breath to see which beer she drank :)
    Merry Christmas to you too.


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