Friday, November 19, 2010

A change of plans and a happy find.

It's amazing what you find when you least expect it.  Recently we all caught the ferry to the city for a free family open day at the Opera House.  Well the queue went back past Circular Quay so we had a quick change of plans.  Wanderng around we discovered a museum we didn't know about.  Silly really as it was rather large and well placed.  The Museum of Sydney is on the site of the first Government House.  How could we not know it was there?   Not too expensive to get in and incredibly fascinating.  It certainly occupied us for a couple of hours (and kept us out of the rain)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

All organised for Christmas?

Ink and coloured pencil.  Original at Note Couture, Carrie Collection.
I'm trying to get organised for Christmas.  And get the airconditioning fixed.  And solve for once and for all our intermittant internet problems.  And get the light downstairs replaced.  And - well you get the picture.  And I haven't even made my Christmas shopping list. Funny.  The only thing I really want to do is sleep.
Strange how the time of joy is really a time of stress for a lot of people.  However, I have the answer.  Everybody just buy Christmas presents for themselves.  That way nobody is missed and everyone gets what they want. 
Well it was good in theory.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday musing - a whiff of change

Anyone who has droped by the last couple of weeks may have noticed a change in title and in the 'about me' section.  No huge reason for the change, I just felt I wasn't getting enough out of my blog.  I wanted it to be about all of me, not just my place of residence (as much as I love this place).  I wanted to post about my thoughts, feelings and observations, post the odd picture I drew, and record the places I visit.  I thought long about a new title and description and came up with Through My Window, because I felt that I would be recording my view of the world.  This may change because I'm not 100% happy with it.  But it will do for now.......................

Thursday, November 11, 2010

An angel's birthday

Yesterday was the birthday of someone very close to my heart.  She is so special her mere presence has made my life richer.  This picture best reflects how I think of her.  I saw it on my way home from work a few weeks ago and was looking for an appropriate time to post it.  Today is perfect.  I'm not sure who the artist was but these beautifully decorated thongs remind me of a post on Eric's blog (wonderful blog - please visit his site).  Of course Manly being what it is, it was only a few days before drunken idiots started ripping the thongs down.  At least I got a photo in before they did.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Musings - Facebook, A study in Philanthropy

Pen and soft pastel.  Original illustration at Note Couture, Carrie Collection.

I recently joined facebook.  Not because I have an affinity with technology or even wanted to be on it.  In fact, I've always been an avid anti-facebooker.  It was just that, with my family all (well mostly) living up north, and my best friend overseas, it was just an easier way to keep in touch with all the people that I love. Once I joined I noticed something interesting.  Facebook is a perfect place to study human behaviour.  Immediately upon sending a "friend" request to my 3 nieces I was accepted onto their pages.  And I am talking seconds here - literally within less than a minute of me sending the request I was a friend.  Heck - I thought - they must live on the computer.  I realised later that they were probably accessing Facebook from their phones.  Not being a savvy facebooker I didn't realise that any messages they were posting to anyone, not just me, would be automatically posted onto my page as recent news.  And along with those messages, the replys of their friends were suddenly also there for me to see.  I was hit with a machine gun barrage of teenage gobbledegook.  I think one was talking about her driving test, one was fighting with a friend and the third was just - well, I'm not sure really. 
The older generations took longer.  Those of my generation took a day or two to accept me as a friend, after finding a minute between work and children to check their facebook page.  My parent's generation took between a few days and a week  during their weekly check-in of their friends, children and grandchildren.
After about a week of viewing and posting the odd comment, I noticed some interesting patterns in dialogue.  The teenagers were happy, then sad, then happy again, then confused, then bored, then angry, then hated, then liked again, etc.  They talked about their social life and what (and who) was (or wasn't) important and why.  Life was confusing and emotional and they were the centre of the universe.  I didn't know how completely out of touch with adolescence I was until I was trying to decipher some comments from my nieces and was venting my frustration by growling "What on earth is that girl talking about", and Miss Too-Young-To-Be-On-Facebook who was (unknowing to me) standing behind me, started to translate.  Occasionally I saw someone posting about how boring the class they were in at that second was.  I supressed the urge to suggest that the classroom was possibly not the best place to text a comment to your facebook page, but then I didn't want to be blocked from my niece's page.
The 20ers talked mainly about their social life.  They were either on their way up or down the coast, on their way out somewhere special, coming home from somewhere special, or commenting the morning after something special.  Sometimes they were looking forward to something special.  Work was never mentioned which led me to wonder how they could afford to go to all these special places.  They were finished with study (I don't seem to have any uni students as friends yet), earning money, had no commitments, were 10 feet tall and bullet proof, and were still the centre of the universe.
30's and 40ers still talked about what they were doing but included family and children in the conversation.    They were definitely no longer the centre of the universe - their children were.  Mothers of babies talked mainly about whether or not they got any sleep.
50ers and above hardly comment at all.  Maybe they're out having a life.........

Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Musings - A girl can dream can't she?

The book I'm in love with at the moment.  Dreaming Of Chanel by Charlotte Smith.  The followup to her wonderful book Dreaming Of Dior.  Unless you are completely fashion unconscious you can guess it's a book about - fashion.  But not just of fashion - also about the women who wore the dresses (and hats, bags, shoes - you get the picture) in her collection. Wonderful stories and stunning illustrations.  It's a girly girls dream come true in paper form.  Of course this means I've been inspired to search for vintage clothes again, like the dress I posted about earlier.  And it's given me the drawing bug - again.  Now if I could just write inspiring, alluring prose (or even just amusing posts) life would be perfect................