Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 3 - Sigh

Well I'm starting to feel like all those people I see on renovating shows.  I really should stop watching them.
Day 3 saw a whirly bird ventolation fan and fluro light go into the attic.  Also our dead heating light and fan in bathroom, our dead porch light, and our not quite dead but dang ugly ceiling fan in the study replaced.  Boxes are still everywhere in the lounge, but seeing as I worked today and am over packing for the moment, I'm going to give myself a night off.  I've just made an amazing chicken salad for dinner (a la Nigella), will read Harry Potter to daughter early, and sit on the half a couch available and watch 'Going Postal' which I recorded on Christmas Eve but as yet haven't been able to watch.
Now where's that remote................................

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 2 The packing continues

Thanks to slow internet (thinking hubby has breached download limit again) I haven't posted any photos of the mess I call home.  Never fear - I will as soon as Optus lets me.
Day 2 dawned with a very depressed Ms Deb, as the house looked like a troll crashed through it during the night.  Fortified with coffee I tried to at least make sense of the kitchen before the workmen arrived.  Arrive they did at last and work recommenced on attic space.  Now trap door and ladder are in and attic floor is down. 
I spent the day (after ridding myself of bored cranky daughter at a friends place) sorting her wardrobe and throw, erm, donating 2 bags of fluffy toys and 'treasures'.  I finally space bagged her winter clothes (yes yes I'm aware it's near the last month of summer) and suddenly her closet had so much SPACE!
Feeling confident that the end is somewhere in sight, I boxed up her old blocks, train set, toy cars, puppets, and porcelain dolls that she says she doesn't want to play with any more, with but isn't quite up to letting go.  So now I have reclaimed a little of my lounge.  I will celebrate by sitting in that small space and have another coffee.  Sigh................

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aussie Day - Day 1 of reorganising house.

Spent entire day pulling daughter's room apart and getting it school ready, de-smelling it, changing her furniture around and sorting through her books and CD's. Moved her desk to the window and set up her lap top. Put in a second book case, and replaced books and CD's she was keeping. Then set aside some books to store up in our new attic (which God willing, will be finished tomorrow).
The new attic was started on Tuesday and the trap door entrance will be in the hall, and the existing manhole to get into the roof space is in the hall cupboard,........... so all hall furniture, knick knacks and mirrors moved to lounge. Stuff for storage from daughter's room in lounge, linen from hall cupboard stored in lounge. Items for donation that can't fit in my car in lounge. Can't see lounge.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Musings - Stepford here I come.

Hubby went back to work today after his short break, and the place is a little quieter and a lot tidier.  Now all I have to do is wait until school starts.  Why is it that the place always seems to fall apart when the extra family members are at home?  Neither hubby or daughter is an absolute troglodite when it comes to being clean, but the place just seems so cluttered on weekends and during school holidays.  Maybe its because I don't have my normal routine that keeps me sane, or maybe I have a serious problem of the back passage sort.  All I know is that whether I'm working or not, the place always is in pristine condition when it's just me at home.  Every perfect thing in it's perfect place.  Oh dear, I've become a Stepford Wife!
Drawing copied from Note Coutre.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well another year over. 
We saw the new year in at home, opting, as we have for the last 9 years,  to see the 9pm fireworks so daughter won't be too tired (mind you she played until after midnight anyway), and I don't fancy the prospect of having a 9 year old in the city on NYE when it's impossible to move about.
So we and some friends with their daughters found a nice vantage point and watched the 9pm show.  Then back to our place for drinks and the girls played on the computers until the midnight fireworks started.  Then sat and ooo'd and ahhh'd for the midnight show.
I must admit the Sydney fireworks have always made me teary eyed.  I do love them.  They always put on a good show though I'm not fussed on the choice of music.  And every year they play 'What a Wonderful World' which can get tedious year after year.
So no photo today.  Instead a link to a video of the fireworks.  It doesn't do justice to the work put in but it's the best I can find.
Happy New Year everyone.
Sydney Fireworks