Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aussie Day - Day 1 of reorganising house.

Spent entire day pulling daughter's room apart and getting it school ready, de-smelling it, changing her furniture around and sorting through her books and CD's. Moved her desk to the window and set up her lap top. Put in a second book case, and replaced books and CD's she was keeping. Then set aside some books to store up in our new attic (which God willing, will be finished tomorrow).
The new attic was started on Tuesday and the trap door entrance will be in the hall, and the existing manhole to get into the roof space is in the hall cupboard,........... so all hall furniture, knick knacks and mirrors moved to lounge. Stuff for storage from daughter's room in lounge, linen from hall cupboard stored in lounge. Items for donation that can't fit in my car in lounge. Can't see lounge.

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