Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 2 The packing continues

Thanks to slow internet (thinking hubby has breached download limit again) I haven't posted any photos of the mess I call home.  Never fear - I will as soon as Optus lets me.
Day 2 dawned with a very depressed Ms Deb, as the house looked like a troll crashed through it during the night.  Fortified with coffee I tried to at least make sense of the kitchen before the workmen arrived.  Arrive they did at last and work recommenced on attic space.  Now trap door and ladder are in and attic floor is down. 
I spent the day (after ridding myself of bored cranky daughter at a friends place) sorting her wardrobe and throw, erm, donating 2 bags of fluffy toys and 'treasures'.  I finally space bagged her winter clothes (yes yes I'm aware it's near the last month of summer) and suddenly her closet had so much SPACE!
Feeling confident that the end is somewhere in sight, I boxed up her old blocks, train set, toy cars, puppets, and porcelain dolls that she says she doesn't want to play with any more, with but isn't quite up to letting go.  So now I have reclaimed a little of my lounge.  I will celebrate by sitting in that small space and have another coffee.  Sigh................

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