Friday, January 28, 2011

Day 3 - Sigh

Well I'm starting to feel like all those people I see on renovating shows.  I really should stop watching them.
Day 3 saw a whirly bird ventolation fan and fluro light go into the attic.  Also our dead heating light and fan in bathroom, our dead porch light, and our not quite dead but dang ugly ceiling fan in the study replaced.  Boxes are still everywhere in the lounge, but seeing as I worked today and am over packing for the moment, I'm going to give myself a night off.  I've just made an amazing chicken salad for dinner (a la Nigella), will read Harry Potter to daughter early, and sit on the half a couch available and watch 'Going Postal' which I recorded on Christmas Eve but as yet haven't been able to watch.
Now where's that remote................................


  1. hi Debs
    I've just seen in your profile that you like "The Tudors" - it is one of my favourites, too! I am really looking forward to Season 4!
    Keep safe in the storms.

  2. Yes I love the Tudors. Haven't gone out and got myself season 4 yet but it's on my list. No storms here thankfully - just a lot of heat.

  3. Wow, you've had a busy time of it, Debs. Thanks so much for the possum tip ~ I will try it!! I hope you're heading for a relaxing weekend...

  4. You're welcome Sherree. We have a resident possum here too. He likes to sleep on our deck and is a little too spoilt with our vege scraps. Having a full but fun weekend with tidying yard and catching up with friends and NO SORTING :)


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