Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Well another year over. 
We saw the new year in at home, opting, as we have for the last 9 years,  to see the 9pm fireworks so daughter won't be too tired (mind you she played until after midnight anyway), and I don't fancy the prospect of having a 9 year old in the city on NYE when it's impossible to move about.
So we and some friends with their daughters found a nice vantage point and watched the 9pm show.  Then back to our place for drinks and the girls played on the computers until the midnight fireworks started.  Then sat and ooo'd and ahhh'd for the midnight show.
I must admit the Sydney fireworks have always made me teary eyed.  I do love them.  They always put on a good show though I'm not fussed on the choice of music.  And every year they play 'What a Wonderful World' which can get tedious year after year.
So no photo today.  Instead a link to a video of the fireworks.  It doesn't do justice to the work put in but it's the best I can find.
Happy New Year everyone.
Sydney Fireworks


  1. Happy New Year, Debs! Sounds like you had a very lovely time. I missed the Sydney fireworks on TV this year, so thank you for the link!! Very spectacular and yes, I get teary-eyed too. :)

  2. Happy new year to you too and pass the hankies :)


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