Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Short and sweet in Newtown

I had a friend come and stay the weekend, visiting from just outside Melbourne.  He was here for the Short and Sweet Theatre Festival at Newtown Theatre.  It is a collection of short plays, 10 minutes long, shown over about 2 months.  The audience votes for their favourite and the finalists are shown at NIDA.  I accompanied him to see the play he had written.  I felt a little bit posh being in the company of a playwright I must say.  It was a fun night - if a little hot inside.  I hope his play is one of the finalists so I get to see it again at NIDA.  Keep fingers crossed.


  1. Hey, how exciting is that! For you and your friend. I'll keep my fingers crossed ~ that's wonderful, Debs!

  2. Keeping my fingers and toes and possibly legs crossed too :)


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