Thursday, February 17, 2011

What days off?

Finally after a couple of weeks to-ing and fro-ing, the attic is finished.  Actually it was finished a couple of weeks ago, but with the incredible heat we haven't been able to get up there to store our precious belongings.  I spent that week of stupidly hot hot weather inside with the air conditioning on, doing the post school holiday clean (well trying to clean - only got as far as downstairs bathroom, laundry and rumpus).  Then air conditioner died (sob) but thankfully the weather cooled and I was able to spend the next week in the garden trying to tidy it post school holidays (school holidays get very messy).  This week was catching up on all the jobs piling up on my desk during school holidays.  After 2 days I finally cleared the piles of papers, files, mending, odd bits and all sorts that were left on it by hubby and daughter, I found a piece of furniture that looked vaguely familiar.  I found my desk!  And my computer!!!!!  Today was spent running around attending to errands.  People say to me that because I only work casually I should have plenty of time to follow my creative pursuits and hobbies on my days off.
I have days off???

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