Monday, March 14, 2011

Knitters delight

Saturday we went to St Peters to drop off our ailing coffee machine for repair and service.  Before heading home we decided to stop at Newtown for breakfast.  With daughter and friend in tow, we explored our favourite shops, spent what seemed like hours in the button shop and finally stopped at a cafe I've been dying to try for a while now.   A Coffee And A Yarn is a wonderful place for knitters and stitchers.  The walls are lined with shelves of yarn of all types and colours, books, cute knit-your-own gift boxes, etc.  I loved knitting when I was younger and don't really understand why I stopped.  Life probably. 
There are wooden trays on each table filled with needles and wool and a welcoming sign saying "Have a go knit a row".  So we did.
I taught my daughter to knit a couple of years ago but her friend had never tried it.  She had a fantastic time creating a little piece.  We did a lot of other things that day but they said their favourite bits of the day was scouring through the button shops and knitting while drinking babyccinos.
Today I'm off to buy some needles, yarn and a pattern.

To see some great photos of the shop visit Amy's blog.

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  1. Oh it love this post. My Mom taught me to knit and the thought of you teaching your daughter to knit made my heart swell. This sounds like a beautiful little shop. Coffee and yarn nothing better:) B


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