Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Now pay attention!

I haven't posted one of my drawings for a little while so I thought I'd post this one today, because it reflects how I'm feeling at the moment. 
Frankly I'm feeling a little authoritative.  Organizing painters, financial institutions, real estate salesmen, doctors, and cranky husband has made me feel a little like a teacher in charge of a 3rd grade class.
As per usual you can view the original at one of my favourite sites,  Note Couture.


  1. Sounds like a job beautifully done with you at the helm. {Sorry to hear about your phone. Dang.}

  2. Thanks Sherree you are most kind :)
    Dang is right but I have a new phone now. Am experimenting with the camera as we speak ;)

  3. I simply love your drawings!


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