Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Honour The Animals That Feed Us!

Let me tell you now.  I am a meat eater.  In fact sometimes I love nothing more than a juicy steak with gravy and mashed potato.
However I am also an animal lover and just the thought that an animal could be senselessly tortured and brutalized before being killed for its meat appalls me.
I love food.  I love sourcing it, cooking it and eating it.  I love organic fruits and vegetables and I like knowing that my meat was treated humanely when still alive.  The images I saw on 4 Corners last night was the stuff nightmares are made of.  I won't go into details - the images are still too raw in my head and I can't even bring myself to say it let alone type it.
However I have signed online petitions and sent letters to my local MP's asking - begging - them to approach Parliament about banning live export of our livestock to countries that have no idea or even inclination to treat beef cattle, or any other livestock, humanely.  I won't be stopping there.  I will be writing to the PM and contacting Animal Welfare to find out what else I can do.  I'm an average Australian citizen with no power to change the world - but if enough of us 'nobody's' get together, who knows what we can achieve.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Musings - Cosy Thoughts On A Wet Windy Day

Rain, lightening, thunder, and hail.  We had it all this morning while trying to get to school.  Thank goodness for galoshes - my socks were the only part of me that was dry.
Storm coming over Dee Why beach.

But I didn't mind.  I have my clothes drying in front of the heater (Georgie girl is also taking advantage of the heater), soft music playing, and coffee with me as I type.  Winter is on the way, and I love it.    We still have Autumn colour, but the nights are colder so there is much snuggling under blankets, heaters going, smell of wood fires in the air (hubby hates it because of his allergies but I secretly love it - it reminds me of Christmas in Switzerland with my sister-in-law) and hot chocolate in HUUUUUUGE mugs
I must be getting older because I don't remember such cosiness instilling delight in my soul.  On the contrary, I hated it.  I wanted to be on the beach burning myself to a crisp in the desperate and useless attempt to be golden brown "like all the other girls"  (Idiotic for a pale-face like me who only burned, peeled and went white again and then had to undergo removal of skin cancers 20 years later, but I digress).  I remember determinedly shivering in my mini skirt when I went out (I may die of hypothermia but dang do I look hot!) and impatiently waiting for Summer to come back.  Now I look at all the young beautiful things and think to myself "honey put on some clothes you'll die of cold!"
Yes I love the cold wet windy days when I'm home snug and warm.  Soothing music, dog softly snoring, thunder rumbling in the distance, and the best tasting coffee ever next to my keyboard.  Life is good.

Monday, May 23, 2011

More Autumn Colour

Saw these beautiful trees on the way to daughter's school. 
That's all.  I just loved the colours.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Plants V's Nosey Neighbours

A few years ago I planted virbernum bushes close to our back fence as an extra privacy screen, but they got terribly damaged by lace bug and I never really did anything to keep them in top condition.  Recently I discovered one of our back neighbours has a ladder permanently against her side of the fence.  I don't know if she peeks into our yard or not, or if she's the one responsible for throwing rubbish over our fence.  Either way I'm not taking any chances.  So yesterday I cleared all the garden rubbish that had dropped into our yard from the palm trees behind us, clipped all the dead branches off the virbenum, sprayed it with confidor to kill the lace bugs and fertilized them.  Today I need to do a little work from home but later I will go out and give them a light clipping to encourage more growth where I need it.  So hopefully soon, when someone tries to sticky beak or throw rubbish into our yard, they will be met with a solid wall of virbenum.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Doggone surprise pets!

Just got back from a nice little break in Gympie for niece's 18th birthday party and have realised that I haven't posted about our newest family member yet.
I got this surprise package a few weeks ago during the school holidays.  Hubby came home and went straight to the back yard.  Daughter came up stairs with suspiciously shining eyes and said "Daddy wants to see you", and there she was - tail between her legs looking like a frightened deer.  Apparently hubby has been telling all (all except his wife that is) that he feels like he's ready for a pet again now it's been almost a year since our beloved Sophie died, and was going to the animal shelter to look for a dog.
I was not amused, seeing that I was the last to know (even the neighbours knew) and our fence was broken.  The poor thing was locked on our deck for a month while hubby and neighbour fixed the water problem down our side yard so we could then get the fence fixed.  Add to this the fact that I'm actually a bit of a cat person and the whole atmosphere in the household was not a happy one for a few weeks.
However now the fence is finally fixed and the dog can now roam to her hearts content in the back yard I've grown rather fond of her.
Now if she'll just leave the daughter's shoes alone.......................................

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What I love about Autumn.

I know it's actually almost Winter but I feel I'm only just beginning to enjoy Autumn.   We've had Summer weather and then Winter showers and everything seemed so topsy turvy but now cool crisp days decorated with beautiful colours are here.
I love Autumn.  I like having the heater out, wearing woolens and making risotto for dinner.
I love curling up with hot chocolate and a book when everyone's gone to bed.  I love knitting.

I love collecting Autumn leaves with my daughter to make into collages.  I love squelching through the garden in my wellies.  I get a sudden passion for baking.  I think I'm happiest in Autumn.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

New phone + new photos = cure for common cold.

I'm finally posting some photos taken with my new phone.
My last phone died a quiet death and took me quite by surprise when I couldn't upload photos etc.
So now I've been snapping happily, playing with the different settings and trying new photo opportunities.  I didn't even let illness stop me - taking pics from my sick bed.
The camellia tree I've been carefully shaping for about 10 years was in full bloom and is lovely to look at when you're lying in bed with a head full of snot.

And when I managed to crawl out of bed and make my way to the lounge room I spied a ray sunlight ( a rare sight over the Easter break) through the window, so spent ages playing with camera settings again to get the sun on hubby's guitar "just right".
But trying not to take too long as I know what sunlight can do to guitars.

I took quite a few that day (different angles of the same room) but will post them later.  Too many pics of the same thing in one post can get a tad repetitive.

The phone also came with some lovely wallpapers (see title picture).