Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Doggone surprise pets!

Just got back from a nice little break in Gympie for niece's 18th birthday party and have realised that I haven't posted about our newest family member yet.
I got this surprise package a few weeks ago during the school holidays.  Hubby came home and went straight to the back yard.  Daughter came up stairs with suspiciously shining eyes and said "Daddy wants to see you", and there she was - tail between her legs looking like a frightened deer.  Apparently hubby has been telling all (all except his wife that is) that he feels like he's ready for a pet again now it's been almost a year since our beloved Sophie died, and was going to the animal shelter to look for a dog.
I was not amused, seeing that I was the last to know (even the neighbours knew) and our fence was broken.  The poor thing was locked on our deck for a month while hubby and neighbour fixed the water problem down our side yard so we could then get the fence fixed.  Add to this the fact that I'm actually a bit of a cat person and the whole atmosphere in the household was not a happy one for a few weeks.
However now the fence is finally fixed and the dog can now roam to her hearts content in the back yard I've grown rather fond of her.
Now if she'll just leave the daughter's shoes alone.......................................


  1. I can understand this caught you off guard ~ there are surprises, and there are surprises. ;) A little heads-up goes a long way. She's a dear little puppy dog and I'm not surprised she's found her way into your heart. Such loving, gorgeous little souls they are. {Good luck with the shoes!}

  2. Yes I haven't decided when hubby will stop paying for his little deception,even though Georgie as she is now called, and I get on quite well now. :) She's a gentle little thing and I can understand the love of shoes I guess - (as long as she doesn't fall in love with mine)


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