Monday, May 30, 2011

Monday Musings - Cosy Thoughts On A Wet Windy Day

Rain, lightening, thunder, and hail.  We had it all this morning while trying to get to school.  Thank goodness for galoshes - my socks were the only part of me that was dry.
Storm coming over Dee Why beach.

But I didn't mind.  I have my clothes drying in front of the heater (Georgie girl is also taking advantage of the heater), soft music playing, and coffee with me as I type.  Winter is on the way, and I love it.    We still have Autumn colour, but the nights are colder so there is much snuggling under blankets, heaters going, smell of wood fires in the air (hubby hates it because of his allergies but I secretly love it - it reminds me of Christmas in Switzerland with my sister-in-law) and hot chocolate in HUUUUUUGE mugs
I must be getting older because I don't remember such cosiness instilling delight in my soul.  On the contrary, I hated it.  I wanted to be on the beach burning myself to a crisp in the desperate and useless attempt to be golden brown "like all the other girls"  (Idiotic for a pale-face like me who only burned, peeled and went white again and then had to undergo removal of skin cancers 20 years later, but I digress).  I remember determinedly shivering in my mini skirt when I went out (I may die of hypothermia but dang do I look hot!) and impatiently waiting for Summer to come back.  Now I look at all the young beautiful things and think to myself "honey put on some clothes you'll die of cold!"
Yes I love the cold wet windy days when I'm home snug and warm.  Soothing music, dog softly snoring, thunder rumbling in the distance, and the best tasting coffee ever next to my keyboard.  Life is good.


  1. Yup the "put on some clothes" just may be an age thing. Say hello to winter for me. We're looking forward to (aka hoping for some sunshine already! All this rain doesn't exactly make it feel like summer is upon us :-)

  2. Summer showers can be fun but get tedious after a while. Hope you get some sunshine soon.


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