Thursday, May 5, 2011

New phone + new photos = cure for common cold.

I'm finally posting some photos taken with my new phone.
My last phone died a quiet death and took me quite by surprise when I couldn't upload photos etc.
So now I've been snapping happily, playing with the different settings and trying new photo opportunities.  I didn't even let illness stop me - taking pics from my sick bed.
The camellia tree I've been carefully shaping for about 10 years was in full bloom and is lovely to look at when you're lying in bed with a head full of snot.

And when I managed to crawl out of bed and make my way to the lounge room I spied a ray sunlight ( a rare sight over the Easter break) through the window, so spent ages playing with camera settings again to get the sun on hubby's guitar "just right".
But trying not to take too long as I know what sunlight can do to guitars.

I took quite a few that day (different angles of the same room) but will post them later.  Too many pics of the same thing in one post can get a tad repetitive.

The phone also came with some lovely wallpapers (see title picture).

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