Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Plants V's Nosey Neighbours

A few years ago I planted virbernum bushes close to our back fence as an extra privacy screen, but they got terribly damaged by lace bug and I never really did anything to keep them in top condition.  Recently I discovered one of our back neighbours has a ladder permanently against her side of the fence.  I don't know if she peeks into our yard or not, or if she's the one responsible for throwing rubbish over our fence.  Either way I'm not taking any chances.  So yesterday I cleared all the garden rubbish that had dropped into our yard from the palm trees behind us, clipped all the dead branches off the virbenum, sprayed it with confidor to kill the lace bugs and fertilized them.  Today I need to do a little work from home but later I will go out and give them a light clipping to encourage more growth where I need it.  So hopefully soon, when someone tries to sticky beak or throw rubbish into our yard, they will be met with a solid wall of virbenum.


  1. Guess you'll find out soon if the neighbour has been doing dodgy stuff across your fence.
    And congrats on your new pup, gorgeous he is! Xx

  2. Thank you.
    So far there's not been any more rubbish thrown over. I guess hearing me grumbling about it has made them realise I'm on to them lol.


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