Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Get lost in art and gain your soul.

This is the photo of one of the magnificent statues outside The Art Gallery Of NSW that I took on Saturday on my sulky walk about town.  On reflection I should have taken it from the other side - but never mind.
Entrance is free but you need to pay for any special exhibitions.  It's a beautiful place with much to offer and you can become a member however, if you don't like spending time at functions being surrounded by older women from Mosman dressed in expensive but gaudy coloured designer jackets, big costume jewellery and too much make up wearing expressions that makes one think that they've just smelt something incredibly foul and will only speak to you begrudgingly and only then to tell you how displeased they are with you, I don't recommend it.   However if you just need to be somewhere quiet where you can lose yourself in some beautiful art work, then I highly recommend it.   I did just that.  I don't know how long I stood and immersed myself in the Van Gogh painting "Head Of A Peasant". It was one of a series he did in preparation for his first major work 'The Potato Eaters'.  I could just imagine this man sitting there by the light of a paraffin lamp, contemplating his meal of potatoes.  I felt a lot calmer upon exiting the gallery.


  1. It sounds lovely. And how nice that the normal exhibition bit is free :-)

  2. It's nice to know there are still some things for free :)


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