Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rain rain go bother someone else

Raining raining raining.  It hasn't let up since I got up this morning.  Galoshes and umbrellas were the fashion items of choice today as we sloshed our way to school.
Truck broken down just outside of school - one very wet mum (not me thank goodness I was happy to wait it out with classical music on the radio) directing traffic so we could all get out.  Still took 20 minutes before I moved.
Garden destroyed by soil erosion (might not as well have bothered with shovelling all that soil) and dog digging up all my plant and bushes and creating holes in yard.  Place looks like a lunar landscape.
I need to look at something pretty.  Sister in law came through with her email and photos of her garden.  I just wish I was there now.  Never mind, I can close the blinds, pretend my garden doesn't exist and this beautiful scene is out there instead, and listen to the rain on the windows as I read a book.

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