Monday, July 4, 2011

Snowy pictures remedy for sad heart.

On Saturday I had the most lovely day with my daughter, baking, making placemats, playing ponies, etc.  On Sunday my husband upset me as only a man can.  So I did what any sensible woman who was cranky with her husband would do - I went out. 
I went to the Art Gallery of NSW and lost myself in a painting.  Unfortunately I can't seem to upload the photos I took that day so I've scrambled through old photos to find a happy memory.
I can't even remember if I've posted this one before.  It's the view from my sister in law's place in Adliswil and it's the most glorious snow!  Seeing all this cold white stuff warms my heart and makes me feel a little better - even if I've learnt a valuable lesson - daughters are easier company than husbands.

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