Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tinkering about

I love Spring.  It gives me a boost of energy and I seem to start lots of projects.  Of course by early Summer I'm jack of the lot so have a myriad of unfinished projects lying about. 
At the moment I'm in the process of painting the living room, redesigning the house and garden, working extra hours and am cooking up a plan for a big holiday next year.
Plus we are off up the Sunshine Coast again, but this time for a wedding.
So of course I think the time is perfect for a blog change.  Just a small one.  I found this dreamy background in the new blogger templates and thought it perfect for "Through My Window" theme.  I think it suits.  Still, a little bit of tweaking won't go astray.
Today is my day off so it's a perfect day for working on none of the above - I think I'll bake instead.


  1. You have had a lovely time tinkering here, haven't you! The background does suit your theme beautifully. Have a lovely time visiting the Sunshine Coast, Debs!

  2. Thank you I certainly will :)


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