Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas bells in Switzerland

Hearing the carols on my stereo and preparing for all the end of year activities (school assemblies, class parties, dance concerts, organising vacation care, as well as all the Christmas shopping) made me wistful for holidays again, and thinking about the last Christmas vacation we took. I guess it's not helping that our neighbours are having the holiday of a lifetime in Italy, Great Britain and France as I type.
So once again you're forced to relive my last big Christmas vacation. (I hear groaning) In Dec 06/Jan 07 we visited the fabulous sister in law in Zurich for Christmas and Chanukah. It was just before our daughter started school so we wanted to make it a big one.
I took these photos on our first full day in Zurich (having arrived the previous morning but slept most of the day). Unfortunately I can barely remember taking the photos let alone tell you what I was taking a photo of because the jet lag hadn't worn off yet..................

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Secret to staying cool on hot summer nights

Well lets begin in the boudoir so to speak. I'm talking night attire. Summer in the Southern Hemisphere is almost upon us and that means hot Summer nights. If you're going to writhe around in sweaty frustration because you can't sleep (or are having a sweaty but altogether much more pleasant evening) you might as well do it in style. In one word - silk.
Silk is a natural fibre so will let your skin breathe. Plus the make up of the silk fibre (triangular like prisms) make the material shimmer - which will perfectly set off your "glowing" complexion. Perfect for a romantic evening or even just reclining on the couch in front of the tele watching late night movies, because it's too damn hot to do anything else. At least you're giving the Hollywood goddess on the screen a run for her money. Now a word of warning. When it comes to washing your delicate chemises hand wash hand wash hand wash! I cannot stress it enough. And dry your delicate lovelies in the shade (or even better, indoors). Silk doesn't hold colour very well if you dry it in the sun. And under no circumstances put them in the dryer! So dim the lights, turn on the fan, lie back on top of the doona and sleep peacefully knowing that you look a million dollars as well as feeling comfortable. Photos taken by Moi unless otherwise credited.

A New Blog

All my life I've been a fan of fashion 'my way', markets, vintage anything, cooking and anything remotely girly. So I've decided to condense it all in a new blog dedicated to a very refined woman I once knew.
I'm still posting my musings, daily blag and whimsy here - this is just another blog I thought would be fun to do.
I hope you enjoy it.

ADDIT:  Due to family illness I've decided to simplify things and stick to one blog.  All posts from Dorothy's Closet will be transferred here.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

An explosion of flowers - but beware of bees.

It's that time of year again. When my yard turns purple from the Jacaranda flowers gently falling like purple snow. Yes the image to the left is not Jacaranda flowers. They are azaleas. The last of my bushes to flower every year (preferring as they do the warmer weather, as compared to my other lovelies that like the early Spring weather). The jacaranda is on the right below dear.
I've recovered from my little shock of the other day and have decided I'm not going to die just yet. So I celebrated by going to the markets and purchasing lots of lovely vintage stuff. New blog re market finds and such coming soon.

Friday, November 18, 2011

What to do when the voices kick in

Goodness what a day! Still recovering from a very strenuous week with daughter's 10th birthday sleep over last weekend. The place was overrun with pre-teens so I did what every self respecting mum does and STEP ON A BEE! Had to take antihistamine to stop foot swelling to size of a melon which of course rendered me unconscious and hubby had to take over. Couldn't have planned that better if I tried. Yesterday I finally get the house back in order and hum my way to work happily thinking my life was back in order after the fun and chaos.
Sometimes I wonder if it's good for the voices in my head to be working in the health industry. One of the specialists I work for (a charming and impossibly glamorous Endocrinologist) didn't like size of my thyroid and has written me up for an ultrasound. Immediately the voices jump in and tell me I have only weeks left to live and I had best get my affairs in order.
The only thing left to do in this situation was to take more antihistamine and render myself unconscious again - which upon returning home I duly did.