Monday, December 26, 2011

Boxing Day Sales!

I hope everyone had a lovely, safe and happy Christmas.
I for one am happy with some bargains I scored, though these were pre Christmas purchases.

Hubby saw these gorgeous bracelets on Cudo for $29 for the set.  I couldn't resist - after all I hadn't bought myself a present yet.

I also saw this sweet little pair of espradrilles at Brookvale for $5 and just had to grab them.

With these bargains up my sleeve I really didn't need to head into the city today for the Boxing Day sales.  But I can't let a bargain go by so I skipped into Broadway and picked up two cute singlet tops to go with the pj bottoms hubby got me for Christmas for $6.  Then, after grabbing a pair of jeans and a skater dress for my daughter I had to hoof it out of there as the crowds just got to me.
I think I'm still recovering from all that pink champagne and roast chicken from yesterday.

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