Monday, December 26, 2011

Post Christmas and all's quiet.

We had a relatively quiet boxing day yesterday.  I did want to look at the sales, but couldn't face the crowds.  We compromised and went to Glebe where it was relatively quiet, but with a few book stores and cafes open.

I played with my phone camera settings again while waiting out the back of a book store for daughter to finish in the bathroom.

After eating our fill we went down the road a little and around the corner and landed in Broadway where it was so much busier.
I bought a couple of essentials and some clothes for daughter  and had to leave because the crowds were starting to make us feel claustrophobic.

Then we came home and I played more with my phone camera out in our garden.  One day I'll remember what to do to get the right effect with colour, texture, shade background.  Maybe I should have bought myself a proper camera and some lessons?

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