Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sun's out - time to start packing!

Now the above photo is a tad dull but I wanted to at least try to demonstrate this post in picture form.
Today's post is handy hints and today's handy hint is packing your seasonal clothes.
For those of us gals living in the Southern Hemisphere we are in (what's laughingly called) Summer - though it's being a tad unseasonal.  Northern Hemisphere gals are in the throes of Winter.  So now is the time to pack away those items you won't be needing for a few months and create some much needed wardrobe space. (I hear my closet sighing with relief already)
Before you bid anything a fond but temporary farewell you need to make sure it's clean.  This means washing anything that needs to be washed and air dry if possible (Winter gals you have my permission to use the dryer).  Summer gals will need to send all Winter coats to the cleaners before packing.  However if your coat has been hanging in your closet with last years dry cleaning tag on it then by all means just pack it away - though I would recommend you think about donating it to charity if it's been hanging there for three plus months without being worn.  Just saying.............
Scarves, beanies, gloves etc will need to be washed too.  And please please PLEASE read the care instructions on all tags.  Some clothes are hand wash only, some are not to be dry cleaned, etc.  Read and act accordingly, and your faithful items will be fresh and ready for you next season.
Now packing.  I use the vacuum pack bags (see above) as you can fit a lot in, suck all the air out and it packs flat in your storage.  Howards Storage sell great ones called Space Bags, but you can pick up cheaper versions in various stores.  I've seen them in K-Mart, Big W, etc, and even in some cheap discount shops.  Shop around, they all pretty much work the same.  Plastic tubs with lids are also good and excellent for storing shoes.  The idea is to keep it air tight to keep out any nasties.
I pack away my boots in the Summer also, and to do this I just make sure all shoes are clean (that means cleaning the Winter mud off the heels girls).  Leather shoes I spray with a protector you can pick up from any shoe store, and lastly I stuff newspaper in the boot legs to keep their shape.  Then store in my container, click on the lid and VOILA!  Shoes are ready for next season.
 Now you have lots of lovely space in your closet.  Though if you're like me, you start to think it looks too bare and start filling it with new stuff.................

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