Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Time To Make Your Holiday Lists People.

Here's a cute little picture I found while rummaging through photos, as I took a break from compiling my lists.  For yes people, I'm listing again (well not listing - I'm not sinking, but if you've read my previous posts you'd understand).  The picture was taken somewhere in Switzerland when we were on our way to a dinosaur museum.  If it was snowy it would be a perfect Christmas picture.  Unfortunately it wasn't a white Christmas that year but it was bloody cold!
Now back to my list.
Tree up - check
Presents bought and wrapped - check
Menu for Christmas dinner compiled - check
Bought ingredients - not yet but am doing that today
Menorah and candles up for Jewish component of family - check
Book gutter clean - EEK I need to do that today!!!
I feel there is something I've forgotten but I'm sure I'll remember at 3 in the morning.
On that note.........
Happy Christmas/Chanukah listing to you all.

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