Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Oops I disappeared!

I went for a little walk..........

and got a little sidetracked

I followed a stony path

climbed some stairs

walked through a garden
peered through some trees

and made a discovery

when I came back it was 3 weeks later!

Friday, January 13, 2012

rich in history but a bit more info please

Last week I took my father and step mum to the Quarantine Station at North Head.  The place has a rich history, but unfortunately not much information is given out about the buildings ie there's no storyboard on any telling you what you are looking at, you pretty much guess.  There is a museum and to wander around is free, but I suggest taking a tour if you want to learn about the buildings and areas as you're looking at them.  There are quite a few tours offered and I think I'll be taking one next time.  Maybe a ghost tour................
spoooooooky effect

Ovens used for incinerating contaminated materials & belongings

Didn't know if I liked the black & white effect....

or the sepia....

or the colour so I posted all

taken through the window - I'm assuming it was a hospital ward

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a change, facebook and harry potter

Last Wednesday hubs and I took our daughter to see the Harry Potter exhibition at The Powerhouse Museum. 
I thought I'd get some great shots, but unfortunately they didn't allow photography or filming inside the exhibit.  It was fabulous.  We saw many costumes from the various movies and I was struck by the size difference of the clothing as the child actors grew to teenagers into adults.  I would loved to have lined them all up to see just how much the main characters grew.  My daughter was really chuffed when she was picked to be sorted into her house by the sorting hat - Gryfindor of course.
Picture from Rohans Blog

I also decided last Wednesday to try a little social experiment.  I was struck this last year (and particularly at Christmas) about how lazy people have become when it comes to communication.  Everyone seems to communicate via social media these days.  Most of my friends sent me a merry Christmas message via facebook, I received 2 phone calls and 1 birthday card for my birthday and the rest of my friends and family sent me a happy birthday post on my facebook wall or a quick email.  Call me old fashioned but I actually like receiving things in the post.  Does anyone remember the little feeling of pleasure you get when you check the mailbox and find a letter or card amongst the junk mail and bills?  Yes yes I know the internet doesn't use trees to communicate - but guess what people - rainforests are still disappearing at an alarming rate so those who prefer old fashioned correspondence cannot be blamed.  And besides, you can buy beautiful recycled paper to use for your letters.
Picture from Friendly Letter Writing

I decided to permanently delete my Facebook and Twitter pages (I hear a collective gasp from all Gen Y's around the planet), and I must say that surprisingly I found the first few days pretty tough.  I had to keep reminding myself that all I ever read on my Facebook was general gabble and rubbish - nothing of substance, and as for my daily updates on Paris accommodation on Twitter, well all I have to do is actually log on to the web pages I get them from and look.  I am also going to only check my emails every other day.  The hope is that if my family want to talk to me they have to actually pick up a phone and call me.  I'm also going to be writing letters to everyone.  Just to get the pleasure of sitting down and penning a letter, and to give them the pleasure of receiving it in the mail.  I am aware that I had a reputation as the world's worst letter writer when I was young but I will persevere.  I've even gone out and bought some lovely writing paper and envelopes to start off with.

Now who shall I write to first, and more importantly, what shall I say......................................

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

kitchen kitch

Time to introduce you to my kitchen closets.

I've found myself attracted to old beautiful plates for the past few months.
I picked up these lovelies at Manly Market, but on separate visits.

They look lovely with fruit, nibblies, or just even sitting next to some camellias in the hall.

Markets are fabulous for scoring beautiful old plates in good condition at a great price.  Sometimes you can even find a set.  The largest of the bowls in the pictures was actually one of a set of three bowls.  Unfortunately I dropped the bag before I even left the market and broke two of them.
I wasn't happy with  myself that day.

Monday, January 9, 2012

a visit with tanya and a book

This year started very quietly for me.  Probably something to do with the butternut schnapps I consumed.  January 1 saw hubs, daughter and I wanting to do our own thing.

Only one thing for it - grab a book and head to somewhere peaceful.

  Tanya Park - sunny but breezy.
 Beautiful scenery.
Just the right amount of noise level.
Kites flying.
Children playing, dogs playfully barking.
White sails on the blue sea - leaving foamy white wakes behind them.

Manly Ferry cutting it's path to Circular Quay.  Agatha Christie in my bag.  Scarf in my hair.

A couple of hours later when my two loves finished watching the latest chipmunk movie at the cinema, I was ready to join them, refreshed and rejuvenated - but with murder on my mind............

addit:  I know that I'm late posting about new years day, but have only just uploaded the photos.  Book is finished and Poirot reveled the killer, but I won't reveal who it was, that would be telling.  You have to read the book ;)

love in a salvos store

on my turntable: nothing - just the peaceful nothingness of a quiet house.

Been getting the urge to thrift since reading Esme and the Laneway (see link under fashion and vintage) but haven't found anything I like.  I also get some of the eras mixed up, particularly some of the fashion from the 50's and 60's but I'm sure I'll learn.
I did find some great clothes I knew my daughter would look divine in - and then I spotted these:

 It was like two lovers spotting eachother across a crowded floor.

I haven't owned a pair of brown shoes for years and have forgotten how versatile they are.  I don't know if they're leather and suede or vinyl and fake suede or if they're retro, vintage or just last years model and I don't care.  All I know is that they remind me of my dancing shoes from my latin days, they're comfortable and fun!

I'm going to enjoy these!

Photos taken by me unless otherwise credited.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

garden of whimsy

This beautiful weather has had me rising early and heading out to our garden.

A spot of gardening......

 A spot of laundry - nothing like crisp white sheets against a green background

A spot of exploring.........

Hunger drives me indoors.
A shower
Some breakfast
Then some quiet reading while the family sleeps.

If only I could stay here forever..................

All photos taken by me unless otherwise credited.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

three little maids in a row

 I've been seeing these bras on shopping channels rather a lot lately.  First the Ahh bra and then the Genie bra and possibly 1000 different knock offs in discount stores.  My curiosity was piqued but I already have loads of good quality bras (I get mine from David Jones - best service ladies).  However when I saw a great deal of 3 for $45 on the internet I decided to give them a try, and they finally arrived the other day.  


They are incredibly comfortable and surprisingly supportive (though I won't be doing gymnastics in them) and there is no evidence of bra lines through your clothes.

The only drawback is it doesn't hide the problem us girls face when hit by a sudden cool breeze or something brushing against our chest.  The sole reason I always wear a padded bra.

Strangely my husband doesn't have a problem with this.................

on my turntable:  cicadas singing outside

Photos taken by Moi unless otherwise credited.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

monday musings

I've been feeling a little melancholy lately.
Think it's the annual "What have I done with my life and what will the new year bring" blues.
Maybe I should make some resolutions this year?  Maybe an image change?  Maybe a blog change?

I wore bright colours to cheer me up.