Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a change, facebook and harry potter

Last Wednesday hubs and I took our daughter to see the Harry Potter exhibition at The Powerhouse Museum. 
I thought I'd get some great shots, but unfortunately they didn't allow photography or filming inside the exhibit.  It was fabulous.  We saw many costumes from the various movies and I was struck by the size difference of the clothing as the child actors grew to teenagers into adults.  I would loved to have lined them all up to see just how much the main characters grew.  My daughter was really chuffed when she was picked to be sorted into her house by the sorting hat - Gryfindor of course.
Picture from Rohans Blog

I also decided last Wednesday to try a little social experiment.  I was struck this last year (and particularly at Christmas) about how lazy people have become when it comes to communication.  Everyone seems to communicate via social media these days.  Most of my friends sent me a merry Christmas message via facebook, I received 2 phone calls and 1 birthday card for my birthday and the rest of my friends and family sent me a happy birthday post on my facebook wall or a quick email.  Call me old fashioned but I actually like receiving things in the post.  Does anyone remember the little feeling of pleasure you get when you check the mailbox and find a letter or card amongst the junk mail and bills?  Yes yes I know the internet doesn't use trees to communicate - but guess what people - rainforests are still disappearing at an alarming rate so those who prefer old fashioned correspondence cannot be blamed.  And besides, you can buy beautiful recycled paper to use for your letters.
Picture from Friendly Letter Writing

I decided to permanently delete my Facebook and Twitter pages (I hear a collective gasp from all Gen Y's around the planet), and I must say that surprisingly I found the first few days pretty tough.  I had to keep reminding myself that all I ever read on my Facebook was general gabble and rubbish - nothing of substance, and as for my daily updates on Paris accommodation on Twitter, well all I have to do is actually log on to the web pages I get them from and look.  I am also going to only check my emails every other day.  The hope is that if my family want to talk to me they have to actually pick up a phone and call me.  I'm also going to be writing letters to everyone.  Just to get the pleasure of sitting down and penning a letter, and to give them the pleasure of receiving it in the mail.  I am aware that I had a reputation as the world's worst letter writer when I was young but I will persevere.  I've even gone out and bought some lovely writing paper and envelopes to start off with.

Now who shall I write to first, and more importantly, what shall I say......................................

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