Tuesday, January 10, 2012

kitchen kitch

Time to introduce you to my kitchen closets.

I've found myself attracted to old beautiful plates for the past few months.
I picked up these lovelies at Manly Market, but on separate visits.

They look lovely with fruit, nibblies, or just even sitting next to some camellias in the hall.

Markets are fabulous for scoring beautiful old plates in good condition at a great price.  Sometimes you can even find a set.  The largest of the bowls in the pictures was actually one of a set of three bowls.  Unfortunately I dropped the bag before I even left the market and broke two of them.
I wasn't happy with  myself that day.


  1. Oooo those are lovely! And i love the camellias. I can see their softness in your photo. I'm sorry you broke two. That's not fun, but maybe you'll find two more like ones at another market? :) I hope so!

  2. Yes I was cranky at myself, but what can you do? Besides, as you said, I'll find something else at a market :)
    Thank you re the camellias - they are soft lovely things.


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