Monday, January 2, 2012

new year = new style

I've been playing with different styles since I learnt to dress myself and have gone through many different stages.  The thought of some of my looks of the past have made me shudder, while others make me giggle.
Late 2011 I was very much taken with the Parisian look when I read Parisian Chic (see link on my night stand), and have been after a navy and white stripy top since I saw this photo.
Photo from Fashion Assist Chit Chat
I finally found my perfect top at (of all places) the Art Gallery of NSW.  They are currently showing a Picasso exhibition and were selling copies of his signature shirt.  Perfect.  There was one left in my size - it was meant to be.

The other look I've been completely taken with at the moment is vintage.  I've always loved searching through markets, op shops and vintage boutiques hoping for a special find, but these last couple of weeks I've become obsessed with it thanks to Marianne's blog.

I wonder if 2012 will be my year of the vintage Parisian look?

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