Monday, January 9, 2012

a visit with tanya and a book

This year started very quietly for me.  Probably something to do with the butternut schnapps I consumed.  January 1 saw hubs, daughter and I wanting to do our own thing.

Only one thing for it - grab a book and head to somewhere peaceful.

  Tanya Park - sunny but breezy.
 Beautiful scenery.
Just the right amount of noise level.
Kites flying.
Children playing, dogs playfully barking.
White sails on the blue sea - leaving foamy white wakes behind them.

Manly Ferry cutting it's path to Circular Quay.  Agatha Christie in my bag.  Scarf in my hair.

A couple of hours later when my two loves finished watching the latest chipmunk movie at the cinema, I was ready to join them, refreshed and rejuvenated - but with murder on my mind............

addit:  I know that I'm late posting about new years day, but have only just uploaded the photos.  Book is finished and Poirot reveled the killer, but I won't reveal who it was, that would be telling.  You have to read the book ;)

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