Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lazy weekend.

Last Saturday, after my "day" at the office on Friday, I felt like nothing more than grabbing a book and heading to a park.  Luckily hubs and daughter had the same idea so we packed a picnic and the bikes, invited some friends and headed to St Ives showground (which looks nothing like the above photo - I just wanted to be uncontactable for a while so didn't take my phone, hence no photos).
I didn't get much reading done as were busy chatting and watching the kiddies, but it made for a very enjoyable day. 
Nothing like a day of doing absolutely nothing to spur you on for a week of activity.

All photos taken by me unless otherwise credited.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

New aquisition - a tower of jewellery

Another great thrifted find from a Good Will store.
 At first we thought it was a cute little chest of drawers.

 But closer inspection revealed it was full of compartments for jewellery and accessories.
I haven't been this excited about furniture since the coffee table.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

Addit:   A Google search revealed it's a replica of a Queen Anne Armoire.  I didn't realise that it was so posh :)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Friday dreams of faraway places

Yesterday I had "a day".  You know, one of those that makes you thankful when it's over so you can reach for the wine and chocolate, sink in a bath and dream of other things.

It was such "a day" that even before diving into the drinks cabinet I logged on and checked how much I had saved towards my holiday.

Enough for half an airfare - it's a start.

As you probably gathered from a past post I want to be strolling along, hand in hand with my man like this couple I photographed 5 years ago.

I was newly inspired.  I emailed my latest invoice and sank into a bath and dreamed of snow, fun and family.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Basics 101 - The Perfect Jeans

Last weekend Hubby and I were strolling through Chatswood when we came across a Fletcher Jones store.  We were shocked.  We thought all Fletcher Jones stores had disappeared.  But here it was.  However our momentary happiness turned sour when we saw the closing down sign.  And they were having a sale.  Need I say more?

I've been after a pair of white jeans for a little while and they had one pair left in my size.  Well I"m not one for ignoring signs now am I?

Now before you gasp in horror,  white jeans can be rather cool and classy.  Think of Jackie O in her white pants, black T, open toed sandals and huge sunnies (a look I'm still trying to replicate - I just need the perfect sunnies).  I plan to wear them in Winter with ballet flats, a big comfy jumper and a scarf.

I hear a lot of women (mostly my age) talking about problems they have finding the perfect pair of jeans.  There are so many styles out there now it can get a little confusing.  However I may be of a little service.
This is just what I've discovered through trying and buying, only to throw, so many styles of jeans.

1. If you're over 40 don't even think about anything but high or medium/regular waisted jeans.  Nothing looks worse like a muffin top especially if you're older.  Even if you have a stomach like Madonna I don't recommend it.  Leave the hipsters for the younger gals.  (note: high waisted doesn't mean under the boobs girls - just normal around the waist, also called regular)

2. The style I prefer is a high waisted, stretch boot-leg and I'll tell you why.  Thighs.  I don't have huge legs, but they're not the toned dancers leg of 20 years ago either, and I do have the rounded thighs I so cruelly used to call saddlebags.  I also have a rounder bottom than I used to.  I have no problem with my shape, however I can no longer wear the straight-leg jeans I wore in the past.  Boot-leg jeans are a little wider at the bottom (however not as wide as the bell bottoms of old thank goodness) and balance out the look of my leg better.  Straight-leg jeans just make me look pear shaped now.  However if you have great legs, no matter what your age, wear them because they are timeless and look great with everything.

3.  Colour - navy blue, black and white.  I have 4 pairs of navy and now one white pair.  My black ones finally went to jean heaven and I'm on the lookout for another pair.  Having one black and one white just makes a little difference and can dress up your outfit.  After that just mix it up.  There are so many colours out there so have fun.

4. Try all styles and sizes until you find one that suits you.  Also be aware that not only do they come in different waist heights, but leg lengths too.  I once bought a high waisted stretch boot-leg jean in my size without trying it on and looking at the label properly only to find that they were short leg and my legs are rather long.

I usually get my jeans at Target because they have such a great range and good quality for a really good price.  Even if you prefer other stores, if you're having trouble finding a style, I suggest you head to Target, grab all the different styles, lengths and heights you can find, head to the dressing rooms and have fun.  Once you find the style that suits you best look at the label and write it down.  Then you can happily walk into any store and say "I'm looking for a size 10 high waisted, regular leg length boot-leg jean please" and sound as if you've been doing it for years.

On my turntable:   Hildegard Von Bingen - vision

Thursday, February 23, 2012

rolling jaffas down the aisle

Last week hubs and I went to the Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace to see 'Leonardo Live'.

Photo from Sydney Architecture
It's a wonderful old cinema and theatre complex built in the 1930's, was horribly "developed" in the mid 20th century, (concrete facade, shopping arcade and gym) and was partly restored (those areas left after the ugly concrete facade and shops were finally removed) and partly renovated in the original style in the 1980's.

Photo from Sydney Architecture
Photo from Time Out Sydney
There are six cinemas in all. Each one is different and a feast for the senses.  Old technology has been replaced by digital projection and sound, and two of the cinemas also stage concerts.
Photo from Time Out Sydney

Photo from time Out Sydney

There is the usual ticket office and munchies bar in the foyer, but also a relaxing piano bar further back for intermissions.  Wonderfully dignified ticket ushers in very sophisticated uniforms take your ticket at the door.  It's like 'going to the pictures' pre World War II.

I'm going back next month for a French film festival.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Elegance is a scrap of material

 Not the best photo, but I wanted to show you the sweet scarves I picked up at Rozelle Markets recently.  Just a little gentle hand wash and Voila!  Scarves are fantastic if you're having a bad hair day and the occasion doesn't call for a hat.  I wear them everywhere.  In my hair, around my wrist (just a little change from a bracelet), around my waist (great for brightening up jeans), around my neck and tied to my bag.  So versatile.  Scarves add a little colour to your outfit, and can be an alternative to jewellery.  If you're wearing a pretty scarf you don't need bling - just let the pretty pattern of the soft material be the focus.

On my turntable: Carla Bruni - quelqu'un m'a dit.  (feeling rather French today)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sunny weekend kitchen

 A little something cute I found on my little blackboard this morning.

This afternoon my daughter had fun with my lemons.

Happy weekend everyone.

Friday, February 17, 2012

A little thrifting

 So far this year I have not bought anything new. I didn't deliberately  start out like that - I didn't make a new years resolution to be 'thrifty' so to speak.  However I (or rather we) have been severely bitten by the thrift store bug.  We've bought so much in clothes, accessories and furniture, that soon we will be able to completely redecorate our house (not to mention my wardrobe) in unusual thrifted items.

Here is a first glimpse at some furniture we bought.
We've been on the lookout for a bookcase for our daughter's ever increasing volume of books.  No luck so far but look what we found................

A fantastic coffee table.  Looks rather art deco but I'm sure it's a replica, probably made in the 1970's or 80's judging by the chipboard inside.

Fabulous little drawers on each side.  I thought I'd be able to fit all my letter writing gear in them but they are much smaller than I thought inside - no matter, I'm still in love with it.

And under the glass panel in the top I placed these lovelies I found at  Rozelle Market.
Australian Home Journal from the 1940's and 50's!  With the dress patterns still in them!!!!
Now all I need is a sewing machine..........

Thursday, February 9, 2012

You may have read my gripe on my other little blog, if you havent' here it is again.

Having trouble posting my little blergs - still don't know if it's optusnet, my computer, or blogger.  Either way I'm not happy.  I have photos to share and I can not do so.
So unfortunately I will have to wait until one of the above 3 decided to behave itself and let me write my whimsicals.