Sunday, February 19, 2012

Elegance is a scrap of material

 Not the best photo, but I wanted to show you the sweet scarves I picked up at Rozelle Markets recently.  Just a little gentle hand wash and Voila!  Scarves are fantastic if you're having a bad hair day and the occasion doesn't call for a hat.  I wear them everywhere.  In my hair, around my wrist (just a little change from a bracelet), around my waist (great for brightening up jeans), around my neck and tied to my bag.  So versatile.  Scarves add a little colour to your outfit, and can be an alternative to jewellery.  If you're wearing a pretty scarf you don't need bling - just let the pretty pattern of the soft material be the focus.

On my turntable: Carla Bruni - quelqu'un m'a dit.  (feeling rather French today)


  1. Nous avons tous besoin de quelques foulards dans notre garde-robe...
    Jolie publication.
    Gros bisous

  2. I agree. One can never have too many scarves.


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