Thursday, February 9, 2012

You may have read my gripe on my other little blog, if you havent' here it is again.

Having trouble posting my little blergs - still don't know if it's optusnet, my computer, or blogger.  Either way I'm not happy.  I have photos to share and I can not do so.
So unfortunately I will have to wait until one of the above 3 decided to behave itself and let me write my whimsicals.


  1. How perplexing! I've been having issues with leaving comments on blogs, but I'm guessing it's unrelated. If I preview a comment rather than simply publishing it, I'm sent into a word verification groundhog day. I hope you dislodge the blerg gremlin shortly, Debs.

  2. So do I. And I hope you've managed to leave ground hog day behind - though looking at your last post you haven't. Most mysterious.


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