Saturday, March 31, 2012

remembering to breathe

I've been thinking.
Thinking too much, I think.
I am holding my breath - until Tuesday.
Then my beloved man undergoes his second round of surgery for thyroid cancer.
He is terrified.
And so am I.
But I won't show him - he and our daughter are needing me to be strong.  Be positive.  And I shall be.
Everyone in the medical field is saying that everything is going to be ok.
That this is treatable and he will be fine, and being an ex nurse I know this already - however.......
I've loved this man since I was 16.
He said it was love at first sight - for me it was love at first laugh, and I've been laughing ever since.
That was so many years ago and yet it was yesterday.
He will get through this.
He will be back in my arms.
We will listen to his beautiful voice and he will make us laugh again.
Until then I'm just remembering to breathe.


  1. Remembering to breathe is one of the best things you can do at a time like this. Take good care, thinking of you and the loves of your life. x0

  2. Thinking of you and sending big hugs.

  3. Debs, I'm sorry to find you at such a sad and worried time. It feels a bit like intruding, but I want to wish you both and your daughter very, very well.

  4. Thank you Shell and Mise (you are not intruding at all Mise) for your lovely wishes and much needed hugs. He has finished all surgery and will be embarking on the (hopefully) last round of treatment next month. We are feeling a bit more positive now.


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