Friday, April 27, 2012

the colours of autumn

I love the crisp cool days of Autumn.  I love the colour, the smells and the, well, coolness of it.
Yesterday evening I went for a walk and took pictures of the colours around me.

Coffee Lane?  That's my kind of laneway!


  1. That's my kind of laneway too, Debs. Tea Lane would be fine as well. The crisp air can be very therapeutic.

  2. The blogs from "down under" delight me with opposite seasons, particularly as we head into summer and soaring temperatures. Your look at autumn is a delight.

    From your "thank you" list on your last post, I see we have some of the same friends... Thanks for your visit, new friend.


  3. I love the crisp cool days of Autumn too. Lovely photos Debs. That red chair looks fab! xo

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  5. Shell - a tea lane would be wonderful especially surrounded by beautiful autumn trees.

    Genie - Thanks for stopping by. Yes I am happy to have a relief from our summer soaring temps, though by the end of Winter I'm ready for a little heat again :)

    Carla - Thank you. I love that fire engine red against the grey.


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