Saturday, May 12, 2012

Loafin about

At the beginning of this month I decided that I would would not buy any new clothing for the rest of the year.  By 'new' I mean high street.  Apart from smalls, stockings etc I'll only buy thrifted, vintage, or retro clothes and shoes.

There are a number of reasons for doing this.
1.  Medical bills (and the desperate need for a holiday) have put a huge dent in my clothes budget.
2.  My daughter is making me more and more environmentally conscious - and this is a form of recycling - or so I keep telling myself.
3.  Pre loved clothes are just that.  Pre loved.  Each item comes with a story, a history.  And I'm a lover of history.
4.  I have a couple of friends doing this and it's fun to challenge myself.

I'm exceptionally lucky in the fact that I'm surrounded by thrift shops, vintage shops and markets.  The fact that I live in a very stylish side of town makes me even more blessed.  Great gear for very little = happy shopper.

However, bouncing through the net, I occasionally (almost) slip up and buy something like this

Image from Jessica Buurman

I've been after a pair of normal casual loafers for my lazy days since seeing this photo of Nine de la Fressange

Image from La Petite Fleur de Londres

However the red, metallic, high heeled loafers are just too inviting.  Well, I'll just have to keep a lookout at the thrift stores.

Are you a heels or flats girl?
High street or thrifter?

It's fun to swap stories.


  1. Well, i'm a flats girl for practical reasons, but every once in a blue moon i wear a pair of 'fancier' heels. But they're mostly for dress up these days. Those red ones in your pic are truly magnificent. They're shiny, sparkly and RED! What's not to fall in love with? I too, am sorely tempted! :D

  2. Who wouldn't be tempted with these beauties ;)

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  4. {Egads, an editing clanger to end all others! So horrendous, I had to delete it altogether, sorry! Start again...} I'm both ~ I used to be heels only {being on the vertically-challenged side} but I've learned to embrace ballet flats with my slim-leg jeans over more recent times. And I love it if I make a good thrift shop score, whether clothes, accessories, or furniture! I hope you're having a good week, Debs.

  5. Having a lovely week :)
    Can't go wrong with ballet flats. They were just a Summer staple for me but now I'm wearing them more in this colder weather with tights.

  6. And I'm intrigued to know what that clanger was ;)


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