Thursday, May 24, 2012

Two things I can't do without + new specs (and good news)

Two little things in my handbag (well - one in my bag, one on my vanity) that are staples for me.
I'm a mouth breather - habit I developed over a lifetime of allergies - and my lips get very dry.  I'm not a huge researcher (reading the magazine ads are about it), but after hearing about Paw Paw ointment I thought I'd give it a whirl.  Result - love it.  Feels nicer than Vaseline, is easy to find, and is cheap.  I found mine in Price Line, but have also seen them in Coles.  It also comes in a tub and is great as a hand cream too.

I don't much like eating paw paw, but have no problems smearing it over my face :)

The other little savior in my cupboard is Vitamin E Oil.  I read about it online and thought it sounded just the ticket for acne scars.  I also found this at Price Line.  I put it on at night after a shower because it's quite sticky and makes my face shiny, but actually helps fade the scars.  I've also started using it under my eyes before bed, and on those horrid little brown spots that are starting to appear on my face and hands.

A little tricky squeezing it out of the bottle though.  Don't try with slippery hands.

Hooray for my new specs!  Now I can see the computer properly and won't come home from work with headaches!  Multi-focals though.  Taking some getting used to.

Best news of all - hubby coming home from hospital tomorrow!
Enjoy the rest of the week everyone :)

edit: please ignore the scratch on the armoire top.  Really must fix that.........


  1. Hooray for the new glasses, and very fetching you'll look in them! I've heard very good things about Vitamin E oil and rosehip oil - and the Pawpaw ointment as well. All great additions to your arsenal {and sometimes mine really does feel like an arsenal. ;) }

  2. Hmm - weaponry arsenal - I like it. And I'll call my makeup the camouflage dept.

  3. Debs, I recently got new glasses, and I realized that I had been straining to read... So much better now.

    Thanks for this vitamin e tip and I have never heard of PawPaw but I think it sounds like it would be good. Glad that your husband is home.


  4. So am I, and you're welcome :)


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