Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ghostly trees on a dance filled weekend

What does one do when one is bored on a dancing weekend?
Take a photo of something completely unrelated.
Standing outside the theatre at the UTS in Lindfield, waiting for hubby as daughter's mid year dance concert was soon to begin. 
Tired (was up early getting her ready and had done it all the day before as well, for the dress rehearsal).
I became mesmerised by these trees.  They seemed to shine in the sunshine.  They appeared almost silver.
I took a quick photo - was a little embarrassed as everyone around me was taking photos of their children and I was the only strange person taking a photo of trees.
I think they're ghost gums .

Anyway, it was the only photo I took the entire weekend that didn't include a child in a spangly costume.

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