Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mother and daughter weekend

I discovered a wonderful blog recently.  A great find for all Sydney bloggers.  Family Fun in Sydney is an awesome blog listing fun things happening in and around Sydney.  I took advantage of a movie special it advertised last weekend.   My daughter and I printed out the coupons and went to see the new Disney Pixar movie, Brave.

Picture from Upcoming Pixar

I really liked this film, because it wasn't your usual "headstrong lass meets lovable rogue, they initially despise each other but eventually fall in love after having many adventures where they're unwillingly thrust together and must work together" type of movie.  Instead it was about family, and in particular about a love between a mother and a daughter.  Lots of laughs and some emotional scenes (well I thought so anyway).  My gorgeous girl seemed to be affected by it too because afterwards she couldn't get enough of me ha ha.  Still, I didn't mind a bit of clinginess.  Don't worry - the movie has a happy ending (this is Disney after all).

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