Thursday, August 30, 2012

luna park fun

Last Friday, at the youngest niece's request, I took my sister, her two daughters, and my own precious angel to Luna Park (the nephew opting to stay at home and jam with the husband).

Youngest niece and daughter had a fantastic time tearing around coney island, teenage niece was content to wander around and take arty photos on her mother's camera.  Sister and I just found a seat, drank coffee and watched the action.

My daughter really did enjoy taking shots up the park gate's nose :)

Oversized nostril shots by my daughter - the rest by me.  Hopefully teenage niece's photos will be coming soon.


  1. Great photos! Your niece has a good eye to go with her oversized-nostril fascination. This reminds me of the current ad on TV for one of the cold relief medications ~ makes me chuckle! I'm glad you had a lovely time with your family, Debs.

  2. Thanks Shell. The nostril shots are by my daughter and I took the rest. However my niece took some awesome shots. I'm just waiting for her to send them to me. If she says yes, I'll be posting them up here too. You're right - the nostril photos would make great cold relief ads.

  3. Hi deb,
    Congratulations on the fabulous photos.
    I remember my first trip to Luna Park at the age of twelve with my mum and dad. We travelled down to Brisbane for a holiday in Sydney. It was so exciting. I'm sure the kids will always remember it too.
    Regards, Linda

  4. Thanks Linda.
    I remember my first visit as a youngster too. I still have my little ceramic piggy won by my dad.

  5. What a colorful fun place! I think that the faces when seen close up are a bit scary though. My favorite as you would imagine is the carousel in a style that might be seen in Europe (Paris!) It is a counterclockwise rotation which provides a clue the country of origin, at least the mechanics of the carousel.

    Lovely photos!


  6. I like the nose. You've got such a great variety of photos; it really shows the park well!

  7. Genie - I agree. They can be a bit scary. I didn't know about the counter-clockwise bit though.

    Melissa - Thank you. My daughter seemed to have a head for noses that day :)

  8. Fairgrounds and traveling carnivals have always been a perpetual favourite of mine. They were such a fantastic annual tradition when I was growing up, and no matter how old I get, I still try to make it such events whenever possible.

    Thank you very much for your lovely comment on my vintage outfit post this week, sweet Deb. I really appreciate it and hope your September is off to a beautiful start.

    ♥ Jessica

  9. Fairgrounds bring out something of the child in all of us, I think.

    You're truly welcome. :)


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