Saturday, August 18, 2012

The scent of spring


A very stressful couple of weeks at work.
Maybe the coming of Spring will lighten things.
I take photos of the colour in my garden and think happy thoughts.

Late season oranges (ignore the compost bin in the background)

Cyclamen - a gift from a friend
Baby flower buds - sleeping until Spring


  1. I love cyclamen, especially the pink! They just shout spring spring spring is coming. :) Sorry you've been stressed at work. Looking at greenery and spending time in the garden helps to relieve the feeling always. Happy Sunday to you!

  2. My garden is my happy place :)
    A very peaceful Sunday to you too

  3. What a therapeutic garden, Debs. I'm starting to fret that my dear resident possums have worked their way through all the sleeping buds here, in spite of the fruit bread I try to divert them with every evening. Yours will put on a lovely show very soon. Have a beautiful stress-free week.

  4. I must admit, since getting the puppy our buds have done much better haha.

    You're welcome Louis la Vache

  5. Hi Debs,
    You have one my KIT comp! :D I couldn't find an email for you so if you could email me at that would be great! Congratulations!

  6. Goodness how silly of me. And how exciting! This is the first comp I've won. Email sent :)

  7. Your garden is lovely...
    Spring will make it even lovelier.


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